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Zend Framework is an object-oriented web application framework, which is built on open-source technology. It is implemented in PHP and licensed under the new BSD license. It is a collection of professional PHP packages and often called as ‘component library’. It offers 100% object-oriented code using a broad spectrum of language features. It also offers an advanced MVC (Model-View-Controller) execution, which can be utilized for establishing a basic structure for its applications.

It is used to develop large size web applications in a simple way. It is popular among developers due to its unique features. Its applications perform well and are very secure. It facilitates developers to create easy and fast web applications. It also enables the developer to execute their own special variations of individual components without having to hack into Zend Framework code bases itself. It allows developers to develop functionality that is unique to your project as well as other projects.

Why ZEND Framework?

Following are the reasons why should one go for Zend framework:-

It's Object-Oriented Goodness:

In this framework, everything is an object. This includes its own benefits like the ability to make codes reusable.

It’s a collection of classes:

It facilitates developers to load the components you need. It enables developers to take advantages of components as individual libraries, instead of framework as a whole.

It Offers Lots of Things:

It offers lots of components. It enables to create a way to authenticate the user, give control access to your resources, develop some forms and read an RSS feed.