Web Development - Micra Cloud Services

Redefining The Web World

We Dream

We know that every business begins with a dream. We understand your dream’s value; thus, to fulfill them, we build a robust yet inventive strategy that helps us to transform your ideas into reality. We do not take your requirements and build the solution for you. We work as a team to identify the key metrics of success and ensure that your website will hit the highest performance goals along with delivering a SOLID ROI (Return on Investment). After establishing our strategy, we analyze the market, review the analytics, perform the user interviews and then we take next step

We Design

Our designs are not just designs; they are the pictures of your idea/dream. According to us, if you don’t have a great user experience, then whether it’s a website or an app or big data, these all re useless. Therefore, we build designs with a strong user-centric approach for everything we do. As it is proven according to research that we get information from designs and images 50 times faster than the text, thus we quickly move wireframe to interactive and appealing designs that not just give your website a unique identity but also let your dream speak for itself

We Deploy

Here is our third step that brings your dream into an effective action. We create graphics that define your business in the best way possible. We keep an eagle eye on your competitors so that we can build a remarkable solution for you, which will not just let you stand out of the crowd but also help you to gain maximum ROI within a short span. We develop web applications that will be aligned to your business needs. We not just create outstanding websites, but also make them responsive so that users can easily find the information they want easily regardless of devices they use.


Dream, Design and Deploy= Outcome

Technologies we use in web application development (LOGOS)

1. HTML5

2. CSS

3. PHP

4. JavaScript

5. JQuery

6. Angular Js

7. React Js

8. Laravel

9. CakePHP

10. Node JS