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The concept of the retails is very simple. However, being one of the fastest and the most competitive industries, the retail industry and its impact on the end-users can never be minimalist. And, if we talk about the challenges then what are the top challenges faced by the retail industry today?
As per the research, not only the pervasiveness but also the personalization along with the privacy is among the top most challenges that exist in the arena of Retail.

Challenges of Retail Industry

  • Being Adaptable, Fast, Agile & Nimble
  • Seamless Retail with Customer-Centric Approach
  • Optimizing the Assortment, Promotions, Space & Price
  • Imbibing Analytics to Drive Faster, Accurate & Reliable Decision
  • Turning the Retail into a Scientific Retail

Solutions Developed By Micra

Micra’s retail experience has been really great with some great brands of garments that make it more knowledgeable about the solutions, which retail industry requires. And, to address these challenges, we have developed POS Solutions, CRM tools, E-commerce solutions and inventory solutions as well to help our clientele to attract more customers in a more progressive and generic manner.


  • Advanced Features Included
  • End Of Day Report Generation
  • Inventory Tracking, Sales Reporting & Analytics
  • Customer And Employee Management
  • Mobile Access And Integration Capability
  • Lay-By And The Mobile Sales Order Terminal
  • Programmable Barcodes With Order Printing
  • Integration With E-Com Platforms, Accounting Apps
  • Connection With Networks & Databases


  • Loyalty Program
  • Multichannel Targeting
  • Data Analytics & Actionable Insights
  • Target Audience Based On User Behavior
  • Enabling Retailers To Sell Their Products & Services
  • Targeting The Cross-Sales & Up Sales Customers
  • Generating & Rendering Offers As Per Interest


  • Adaptive, Efficacious & High-Performing
  • Eyes On Consumers’ Buying Habit
  • Decrease Costs & Analytics
  • Expand Market For Niche Products
  • Comprise Warranty Information
  • Decrease Cost Of Inventory Management
  • Maximum ROI In The Shortest Possible Time
  • Convenience & Easiness With Product Datasheets

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