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React Native


A Cross Platform Framework For Building Native User Interfaces For Mobile Devices

React Native has already become a popular trend for building native, powerful and quality mobile applications for iOS and Android. Interactive user experience and easy development are the significant things that have convinced mobile app developers to work with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS or React Native to build the app.


It’s an open Source!

React Native has a very large community of programmers working constantly towards bug fixing, feature improvement and helping people to use it at ease. If you are looking forward to build something, which is ordinary in mobile apps, then there is always a high possibility that it has already been built by React Native members.



Use Same code of building different platform app

React Native let the mobile app developers use the same code for building application for the different platforms. This is how it helps to recover the major drawback. What could be better for developers than being able to build apps for cross platforms by using and learning only one set of tools.



Helps to reduce the time to write code

React Native has that capability to bring you to that exact ability. And the best part is that some common UI code on both platforms can also be used.


Predictable UI

Declarative API makes it easier for users to understand and predict your app UI. An app with various states requires you to monitor all changes in UI and keep on modifying them from time. However, it’s not that easy it may sound, especially when your app starts growing.




Unlike MeteroJS and AngularJs, React Native is completely focused on UI. React Native apps sport a highly responsive interface. React Native and the Native environment of the device reduces load times and gives a smoother feel of your app.