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Oracle Database

Oracle database is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed and marketed by ORACLE. It is one of the most reliable and widely-used relational database engines. It is a collection of data treated as a unit. It is designed for enterprise grid computing and is a most flexible and affordable way to store and manage applications and data. Using this architecture, each and every new system can be easily provisioned from the pool of components.

Like other RDBMS, it is built on top of SQL. It uses a row and column structure, which connects relevant data components in different tables to one another. It also offers a complete set of integrity constraints for maintaining data accuracy. Its architecture is split between the logical and the physical. It has a pursuit of features that offer the best performance, good DBA, security for data in the database along with redundant service for high-availability etc.

Why Oracle Database?

There are several reasons why one should go for Oracle:-

Backup & Recovery:

Oracle offers industrial strength support not only for online backup and recovery but also for good software fault tolerance to disk failure.

Improved Performance:

The Oracle renders lots of methodologies for improving your database’s performance. It facilitates you to use multiple servers to work the same database.


It provides you the adaptability of choosing any operating system to run your database. It is also backward-compatible, which means you have the option to upgrade in future without even losing any of your data.

Other Reasons:

1. Most efficient utilization of IT budget.

2. Its High Performance.

3. Its Internationalization.

4. It reduces Server cost.

5. It minimizes Storage cost.

6. It reduces the idle redundancy in data centers.

7. Its super Built-in Transparency.

8. It improves the System Performance.

9. It Increases the productivity of DBA.