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At present, the Nodejs is one of those frameworks that are growing rapidly with an extraordinary adoption. In the past few years, its round about 190,000 modules along with other JS libraries have always been awarded and appreciated by the developers. It plays a significant role in the tech stack of the highly prestigious companies that are depended on the benefits associated with it.

Today, it’s being called The Big Next Phenomenon as it not only allows the best benefits in this advanced software marketplace for the networked & high-traffic app but, also broaden the scope for the latest mobile app development. So, if you are also seeking to adopt this advantageous framework for developing several applications, then this will work for you as a GOTO technology.


  • High Performance with Speed:
  • The organizations are amazed at the high performance and the speed of this framework. All the functions from reading to writing the database or file systems can be performed at fast pace because of asynchronous nature of Node. Node.js doesn’t block CPU for some Hard disk or Network operations, which help in utilizing the server in better way. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient.

  • NPM (Package Manager)
  • NPM is the installed package manager for the Node.js. It is used to install Node.js utilities from the NPM registry, and helps developer in organizing and management of third-party Node.js libraries and utilities.NPM is the largest library eco system of the world. It helps in creating apps in less time with high productivity. The organizations can easily combine the backend with the front-end teams in order to get a smooth functionality and enhanced efficiency.

  • Unified Code
  • Lots of Models and Libraries developed in Node can also be used in client side library which reduce the effort of developers.

  • Socket.IO
  • is Node framework for Web Sockets, the framework allows developers to push content on web page based on some events without polling or reconnecting again and again on server. This increases the performance of servers and provides seamless data streaming solutions.


  • We are aware of the multiple benefits that Node Js brings with it for web application development and due to which, many organizations do not shy away from implementing it in their day-to-day operations and, so we do. Our team of experts is having immense knowledge of software strategies related to Nodejs. Our expertise in developing real-time and scalable applications based on the Nodejs architecture is exceptional. We hold extensive libraries, which include all the latest JS technologies along with the languages that help us for completing the projects quickly as well as efficiently.

  • We can proudly say that we are the masters in completing each and every task and project within given deadlines. And, this is what helps us in getting connected with more clientele across the globe. We try to enhance the benefits associated with its runtime server-side environment, which eventually leads to a quick execution and compilation of JavaScript that helps us to easily develop useful business software.

  • Today, the recent developments in the fields of cloud and mobile have changed the way that businesses try to connect with their clients. Our Brilliant solutions based on Nodejs will help our clientele with scripts, JSON/REST APIs, single page apps, mobile apps, servers, leveraging software products, data streaming, and app prototype development. Hence, you can say that we develop applications that are fast, easy and innovative. If you are willing to create applications based on Nodejs you can consult our development team for decent analysis of your requirements and for building a proper roadmap for application development.

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Several tech giants such as Google, PayPal, and Netflix etc. are leveraging the benefits of this popular framework, why do you lag behind? Contact Micra Systems to get the best Nodejs development solutions!

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