Media, Entertainment & Publishing - Micra Cloud Services
Micra’s capability with Media industry is known to everyone because our initial target segment was Media and Entertainment.
We have worked with many big media houses and have provided solutions which are robust, scalable and very advanced. Media has been dynamic and we have seen the digital growth on the web and then on mobility.

How Micra Cloud Services Helps

Micra Cloud Services Government practice helps public managers and administrators by creating business cases for the adoption of technology that benefits citizens through:

1. Our mobile and web solutions with our own home grown CMS has been amazing and many of our customers are using our CMS for managing their Media portals.

2. Solutions we have developed is unique in itself because of Mobility Approach, UX perspective, and absolutely no limitation. It has some great analytics engine which guides users to view content based on their past reading habits. The solution helping our customers to show users new feeds which are of their interest and make the portal for user sticky.

3. We have seen 20% increase in time spent by users once the solution is placed and implemented.

4. Every media housed should be using such good amount of analysis for their content planning and this will make sure that the content they are uploading is hitting right cords.

5. Our Business Intelligence solutions help them to do so same and help them to take the right decision.

Advertisements servers, Ads Integration, Infra Management, Traffic Management etc are the services which we are providing to media companies. For media companies Infra management is very helpful, the site should be open very fast (3-5 secs) otherwise bounce rate will exceed. Our team makes sure we achieve the target.