Magento - Micra Cloud Services


Magento is a powerful and fastest- growing e-commerce platform. It is written in PHP and built on an open-source technology. It lets you build your own online store and offers you an adaptable shopping cart system along with a control over the content, look and functionality of their online store. It allows customization of functionality on a large scale.

It is completely scalable and offers great adaptability via its modular architecture. It has a comprehensive range of control options. It offers several powerful features in catalogue management, search engine optimization, content and functionality that any retailer would come to expect. It allows product and catalogue browsing product comparison and product filtering.

It also enables you to add new products, manage your inventory and update product batch along with easily managing shipments and orders and integrating several payment procedures.

Why Magento?

It’s built especially with an intention to sell goods and services online. Few primary advantages of using Magento are given below:-

Theme Purchasing Facility:

The first and foremost reason is Magento facilitates you to purchase a theme and work on it according to your suitability. A developer can easily modify theme and can add or delete features or segments in Magento.

It’s Open Source:

It is built on free, open-source technology, which means you are free to use it and develop it to fit your business requirements. The developers are authenticated to make changes and adapt this software according to your needs.

It’s Scalable:

It’s got scalable functionality and, it can support the high volume of products and customer data. Also, it has the power to handle lots of page views and interactions.

Catalogue Management:

It’s got flexible features in clipping catalogue management. It has the capability to organize products in categories. It also helps in structuring your categories, controlling search outcomes, managing stock control and so on.


It facilitates in developing text, inserting images, developing landing pages, developing content category and much more.

It’s SEO Ready:

It speaks search engine optimization. The Meta data tells the search engine what a block of text or image refers to. It’s easily changeable selected functions allow you to keep the search engine happy.