LARAVEL - Micra Cloud Services


LARAVEL is a free, open source framework with migrations, bundles, CLI (Command Line Interface) and Artisan. It is set of all PHP files that facilitate the programming with PHP. It is used for the development of the web applications allowing the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture.

It abstracts the complex functionalities by providing easy to execute functions and methodologies. It provides MVC implementation that separates code logics from HTML. It was built using best practices recommended by the most experienced developers with security in mind.

It is a very stable framework and an intermediate system that intercepts the requests and processes them. It also manages the logics and the styling of the web applications. It stands in front so that it can honor the inner request and apply inner security rules before a user gets back the response.

It can route any HTTP request and can bring back the response upon routing by applying security rules and finally processes the requests. The applications built on this platform are also secured as it prevents several attacks that may take place on website.

Why Go for LARAVEL?

There are several reasons why one should go for LARAVEL:-

1. It offers an easy documentation along with effective laracasts. It provides support to different products and packages

2. It has PAS (Practical Application Structure) and can perform Artisan Code Generation.

3. It has made the dependency injection much simpler. It offers unit testing and is capable of doing automatic paging.

4. It is filled with several features, which will help the developers to see a flawless web application development.

5. It has an easier module packaging system that is simple for developers for managing several things.

6. With the inbuilt facility of auto-loading, it can load the PHP class with no insertion path or manual maintenance

7. It offers unit testing, which makes the complete testing procedure accurate for avoiding a single error.