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IOS formerly known as iPhone OS or iPhone Operating is a proprietary operating system developed by the Apple Inc. for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch. It is the main software due to which you’re able to interact with apple phone or tablet. It is designed with Apple's multi-touch devices and supports input via direct manipulation. It not only enables you to run the application downloaded from the app store but also manages your iPhone or iPad’s memory for making sure that your device run smoothly.

After Android, it’s the second most popular mobile operating system, but why is it so popular and why should you go for iOS, let’s explore!


When the quality of the application is taken into accountability, it offers unmatchable quality particularly in the niches of children’s applications, games and media and so on.

No Carrier Data:

This is also the reason why iOS users enjoy over the android users. It doesn’t carry any carrier junk or unnecessary applications and doesn’t compromise on quality it offers.

Complemented User Experience:

Unlike Android, the apple doesn’t allow skinning. It enables its users to upgrade to the new versions resulting in a more consistent and enhanced experience.

Dynamic Icons For Apps:

It offers dynamic icons for applications. The icons are pleasant & designed aesthetically. Unlike android, it has some folders & apps that show notification without logging.

Better Siri:

The Siri has been improvised with several exciting features that solve the queries (range from the variety of problems) utilizing the AI (artificial intelligence) technology.

Ease Of Compatibility:

The apple devices are having several advanced features. It offers high processor speed with huge storage so that the iPhone users can enjoy small and feature-rich applications.

Attracting New Customers:

For any business, attracting new consumers & making them stay with their business is one of the biggest advantages iOS platform offers. It is the major key to generate more sales.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

The apps developed on iOS technology are robust and enable you to keep the communication line open for 24*7 and allow customers to access companies’ services with great ease.

Ease Of Use :

The iPhone users find its applications very easy to operate and enjoyable, which make them more desirable therefore apple is able to develop a strong relationship with its users.