Health Care - Micra Cloud Services


Micra’s specialization in health care is amazing. We have developed Electronic Health Record systems, Kids Health care reporting system and Procurement System for Hospitals.
Our EHR Solution exposes interfaces to users where they can place all health records at one place. This will help users to show reports to doctor just be sharing approval on a single click.

How Micra Systems Helps

The system also reminds users of medicines, medical reports etc through application notifications, or through SMS. In this way the solution is helping users to keep track on medicines, managing health care records efficiently.

1. EHR for school students is a health record for school students. Nowadays all schools provide medical facilities and keep track on scholars health records. The solution enables parents to access those health records, this helps them to compare and analyze health parameters against time. This solution focuses on health records as well dental records so its complete solution in itself.

2. Procurement Management Solution allows users to request for medicines, other items from vendors. Vendors can login into the system and see the requirements, can send quotation against them.

3. A system has the capability to select on the basis of cost and in the case of L1 is not selected system notifies to top management to make sure transparency is there in the system.

4. We have also developed a health care portal for one of our customer where users can search for diagnostics centers for test and can book appointments with them.

5. Idea is to have a one place solution for daily health care requirements of users. Users can view multiple diagnostic centers, can view their facilities, their services they are offerings. They can book check-ups and can get discounts on it.