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Securities & Capital Markets

The global economic meltdown, ensuing regulatory announcements and advancements in technology have brought unprecedented changes to the way business is done in the Capital Markets industry worldwide. A lot has changed in terms of regulatory compliance, technology innovation and product competitiveness, necessitating goals to be accomplished with limited resources. Capital Markets firms are looking to engage with secure, efficient and reliable partners who understand their changing business environment, providing them with the opportunity to step into the future with greater confidence.

How Micra Systems Helps

Micra Systems's Securities and Capital Markets business offers an unparalleled advantage by leveraging industry-wide experience, vertically aligned business model, comprehensive portfolio of services and deep technology expertise.
Some of our key solutions and accelerators include:

1. Multi-Tenant Post Trade Services Utility focused on securities processing, reconciliation and instruments data/legal entity data

2. Predictive tool that provides a 360 degree data assessment of an organization's data assets

3. Data modeling and solutions for customer data, market and reference data, and securities master

4. Trading compliance solution jointly owned with a leading asset manager, offering real time Pre-Trade Compliance

5. Solutions framework for electronic trading in Futures, Options and Swaps

  • Segments Covered

    Segments Covered
    • Buy Side
    • Sell Side
    • Custodians and Service Providers
    • Market Infrastructure and Vendors

    Services Offered

    Services Offered
    • Client Conversion and Onboarding Payments Transformation
    • Data Management
    • Risk & Compliance
    • Post Trade
    • Order and Execution Management

    Product Competencies

    • Collateral Management: Lombard Risk and Omgeo/DTCC
    • Data Management: GoldenSource, Asset Control and Informatica MDM
    • Post Trade: Information Mosaic, Calypso, FundTech and Clear2Pay
    • Global Markets: Fidessa, Calypso and Misys Summit
    • Investment Management and Fund Services: Eagle Star & PACE and Sungard InvestOne

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Sell Side

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Custodians and Service Providers

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Market Infrastructure and Vendors

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