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Dot Net is a software framework developed by Microsoft. It primarily runs on Microsoft windows and contains a framework class library. It offers language interoperability across several programming languages. Dot net is consistent and comprehensive programming model designed to build applications with visually spectacular user experiences, flawless and secure communication along with the ability to model a range of the business process.

This platform is specially designed to offer the ability to make the complete range of computing devices work together along with having user information automatically synchronized on all of them. It provides enhanced interactive capability for web sites, enabled by enough utilization of XML instead of HTML.

Why Dot Net?

A few reasons are mentioned below on why one should go for dot net:-

A Proprietary Platform:

Dot Net is a proprietary platform and is better than open source. It is developed by Microsoft. And, Microsoft offers an exclusive support system that helps them to attain huge client satisfaction and assistant to achieve their business goals, which is actually a nightmare in open source community, especially for non-tech users.

Most Secure Platform:

Dot net platform and, as a closed platform, are managed by the Microsoft Asp. Net Developers, thus, security aspects have tackled efficiently and used the updated technologies. It has a wide developer community on the web, which offers a genuine support.

Powerful IDE Like Visual Studio:

The current release of the Visual Studio (a toolset for RAD (Rapid Application Development) offers all those tools which developer needs for building any scale of the application with any level of the intricacies. Having plenty of extensions, it enables developers to architect, design, testing, program, deployment and debugging of any sort of the app targeted on the ASP.NET framework. This is why developers prioritize Dot Net.

Other Reasons Are Given Underneath:

1. It renders a premium online subscription service, which will be featuring customized access and the delivery of the products. It also offers services to the user from a central starting point for the management of several apps like e-mail, or software like Office.NET.

2. It also provides a centralized data storage that will be increasing the competence and ease of access to the information and synchronization of information among devices and users.

3. It also renders the ability for creating the reusable modules that increase the productivity and eliminate the number of programming mistakes