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Cake Php

CakePHP is a free, open source framework, which is intended to make developing web applications faster and easier while requiring less code. It is written in PHP and follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, which is not only powerful and easy to grasp but also guarantees a strict yet natural separation of the business logics from data along with the presentation layers.

It is among the most popular PHP frameworks and is widely used by some of the biggest brands such as Hyundai, MIT, BMW and Express. It is designed for the rapid application development (RAD) and has a flexible directory structure for the custom environment. It has several libraries for reducing the overload of the most common tasks.

Why Cake PHP?

Here several reasons are mentioned on why you should choose CakePHP for development.

Develop Quickly:

It facilitates to use the code generation and scaffolding features for rapidly building prototypes

No Configuration Required:

There are no complicated YAML or XML files required to setup. It enables you to setup your database without any complicated configuration.

Friendly License:

It is modeled after the Ruby on Rails concepts and circulated under the MIT License that makes it perfect to use in commercial applications.

Built-In Things Are Included:

All those things, which you will be needed, are built-in. Whether it is about translations, database access, validation, caching, and authentication and so on, are built into this PHP MVC framework.

Clean MVC Conventions:

This framework comes with a set of conventions that guide you in developing and deploying your application.

It’s Completely Secured:

The PHP framework comes along with a few built-in tools for CSRF protection, SQL injection prevention, input validation, form tampering protection and XSS prevention to help you for keeping your application completely safe and protected.