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One of the widely used mobile OS, the android, developed by Google, is a mobile operating system designed for the touchscreen mobile devices based on the Linux kernel. It is an open source software system based on Linux. It allows other companies to use it on their mobile devices. It hosts a central core that is essentially a strip code and helps the software operate.

It uses a virtual keyboard and touch inputs as well that correspond to the real-world actions such as tapping, swiping, pinching and reverse-pinching for manipulating the on-screen objects. This has also been utilized in TVs, digital consoles, digital cameras and other electronic devices as well. This was the little introduction of Android, now let’s explore, what are the things that make it a preferable choice for enterprises?.


The Key Benefit-Openness:

According to the Neil Moore, the Android is the clear lead system for ESMCP (Emergency Services Mobile Communications Platform). He added, “Openness is certainly a key issue for us”.

Work Experience Showing Google Is Ready For Businesses:

As per a renowned group technical officer, the android devices like Google Pixel are more secured and business-ready. He also suggests that from a security point of view using Android devices is best.

Ease Of Use:

The android offers crisp and clean interface due to which users rarely struggle to find apps. It allows users greater access lower functions including disabling cameras and microphones as well.

Easy To Integrate:

It can offer you complex technical integration & customization of a web app or mobile app. It’s the best platform for the app & process architecture. It can tweak the mobile app as per your business need.

Available Applications:

The ecosystem of android application is much friendlier to the smaller developers rather than iOS. However, it’s necessary to know the need of your business before choosing between the iOS or Android.

Bespoke Apps:

The companies that want the applications to be written for and according to their requirements are more likely to search the permissive ecosystem in the world of the android more appealing.

Low Investment & High Roi:

In case of restrictions, the android, comparatively to iOS, has low barriers. It offers freely its SDK (software development kit) to the developers that reduce the licensing plus development costs.

Multiple Sales Channels:

The android offers more flexibility. Its applications can be deployed in several ways. It allows you to use third-party app marketplace to distribute your apps and reach end users via multiple channels.

Easy Adoption:

The android apps are easy to adopt. These apps are scripted in Java language that enables the developers in easily transitioning the code script for mobile app & execute app development services in the app.